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Posted: January 29, 2012 in A, Proposed, STHloids
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Been a while since I actually even thought about this site…been too busy…

Anyways, all lame excuses aside, I have news. Late news, but news!

Rael finally has an oto.ini! :cheers wildly: This is all thanks to the magical and wonderful Berin-chan! YAAAAAAY BERIN-CHAN! :flails around like Kermit:

The DL link is on the DL page under Rael (oto.ini). The oto.ini-less Rael has been deleted. The end.
(Did I forget to mention Berin-chan also added hiragana aliases? She DID!)

In other news, completely unrelated to the ANGELoids: I am working on my very own Engloid. Well…English UTAUloid. Different thing really.

Xir (this is a non-gender-specific pronoun much like referring to someone as him/her) name is Ase Roni which is Hebrew for “My Doctor’s song” which is fitting since xe is a Doctor Who-themed UTAUloid.

Ase is a Auton (a living plastic person controlled by the Nestene Consciousness) who was made to look like the Doctor in his fourth incarnation. Stuff happened and xe decided xe didn’t want to follow orders any more and changed out xir pieces to look like a generic, non-threatening human.Now, thanks to the help of the eleventh Doctor, xe lives with a human in the 21st century where xe sings songs whenever the human tells xir too when xe pleases.


Xe doesn’t like being told what to do.

Look forward to xir release as soon as you can! I am working on recording even now (multitasking YAY!) and have two different English reclists I’m going to use. Until then!